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Water Reclaim and Bio Systems

     There are a variety of wash pad designs and effluent types, from mechanical to chemical treatment, and from evaporation to thermal oxidizers.  Alklean will help you decide which of the many systems available will best meet your needs.

Custom Wash Water Recycling Designs

  • Wash pad application and design assistance

  • Range from low volume light duty to high volume heavy duty
  • Sewer discharge from  10 to 100GPM flow-through coalescing oil water separators (above and below ground models) to membrane systems for organics, Bio-Sorb, heavy metals, B.O.D. and C.O.D.
  • Stainless steel waste water evaporators up to 15 GPH - electric, kerosene, diesel, natural gas, or waste oil driven
  • Distillation system constructed completely of non-ferrous, non-corrosive material that can economically distill highly concentrated waste water down to a solid
  • Pre-fabricated environmental center buildings to house a recycling system
  • Pre-fabricated galvalume storage buildings to house a variety of chemicals and hazardous materials.  OSHA approved ventilation systems.
  • Thermo Oxidizers to reduce contaminants to ash for easy disposal.
  • Water Cannon Systems utilizing recycled water.
  • Application:  Used throughout many industries, including Oil, Trucking, Waste, Golf Course, Marine, Lumber, Utilities, Heavy Equipment, Printing, Automotive, Military, Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Airlines.

     Wash Water Recycle System

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